How to reduce the cost of motorcycle insurance 3

How to reduce the cost of motorcycle insurance 3

Use a trusted broker

Motorcycle insurance is big business, with over 30 million vehicles on UK roads, so there are many motorcycle insurance companies to choose from. Ironically, the big names you’re familiar with are probably in your head due to mass marketing campaigns on television, online, etc. Regardless of the message, these marketing campaigns must be paid for and that means they really don’t have the best rates, although the magnitude of some of these companies means that prices will be high due to purchasing power or subscription.┬áThe best advice is to compare different prices from different companies. Call the insurer and then a comparable competitor and then a small auto insurance broker. Each will ask if they already have a price and you should tell them what it is. In general, if they want the business, they know what to earn. By the time you get a broker who says you can’t match the price, you are probably close to the best price on the market or otherwise talk to a broker who is not an expert in the field but you can visit

An advice on price comparison web pages

There are many price comparison web pages that promise to reduce the fees for your insurance policy: Supermarket Money, Compare, Confused, etc. Undoubtedly, they help lower the cost of insurance, since most of the major players struggle for business on the same platform. When these price comparison sites don’t work as well, in fact, they are advising you on the type of policy adopted. Best for you or your motorcycle. Would it be cheaper and more suitable than fire and theft from third parties? The point is that you cannot ask the price comparison site for advice; This is where motorcycle brokers have the advantage. Compare with buying a new home, would you buy one without a search? You could and then, when it sinks into the sea, you are praying that your insurance will cover it … the point is that you should not buy insurance without talking to an expert either.

Pick up the phone

The Internet is a great tool for buying and selling, you know my thoughts about previous articles. However, I suggest that if you talk to a real individual at a brokerage firm, you will have a far better chance of obtaining cheaper motorcycle insurance quotes. They can make more enquiries, explain their requirements and, if necessary, can also delegate the rate (fix the price themselves) if they really want the business. There is no alternative to human contact, only talk to a minimum of 3 different brokers for a real comparison.