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From France to New Zealand in 100 days

A few months ago, Violette & I decided to explore the World.

Our original plan was to cumulate Working Holiday Visas, to work & live for a year in a country and to move on to the next one writing about our adventures on this blog.

We wanted to go first to New Zealand for a whole bunch of reasons, one of them being that it is literally the farthest place on earth from France. But, we didn’t like the idea of taking flights straight to the other end of the planet without experiencing all the life there is in between…

So we did the maths ! We considered the prices of transport, accommodation & activities compared to the cheapest, yet still expensive, plane tickets we could possibly find and decided that we will try to make this trip in 3 months with a tiny budget (2000 € each).

So we bought backpacks, travel clothes & digital gear, let go of all our unnecessary possessions and took the next bus to… Brussels ! From there, we really stepped into the unknown :


A view of Tallinn


Front of our train

Baïkal Lake, Russia

Baïkal Lake, Russia

Ulaanbataar - Life Explorateurs 0





Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Panuba Inn Resort - Tioman Island (17)

  • All tanned & resourced, we discovered Singapore (where our DSLR died on us) and flew to Agnes Waters, Australia so we could finally pay a visit to Violette’s family and spend a few days to discover Brisbane.

Fishing in Australia

  • Last but not least, we landed in Windy Wellington (which should have been Auckland if I didn’t messed up with the dates and caught the right flight).

Our itinerary

Budget & time management

We actually did quite well for our first backpacking trip on a budget.

We were aiming at a 3 months adventure, including some spare time for the unexpected, and we did it in… exactly 3 months – from May 1st to July 31st ! As for the budget, we did pretty well considering that we had to pay an extra 200€ because we missed our Brisbane to Auckland flight and finally took a Brisbane to Wellington to compensate.

Transportation : 800 € (which would have been the price of the cheapest plane ticket)

Everything Else : 1200 €

Total expected budget : 2000€ per person

Transportation : 1 172,46 €

Food : 475,15 €

Insurance : 129 €

Visas : 125,12 €

Accommodation : 100,25 €

Sightseeing : 89,27 €

Nights out : 46,72 €

Everything else : 136,77 €

Total = 2274,75 € per person

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