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Around France in 80 days… on a bike !

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One always gets excited about exotic destinations even though the place one comes from might be a dream destination for some. In our case, France is one of the most visited country in the world. France is not just about Paris. It is extremely diverse in terms of regions, landscapes, traditions and gastronomy. In fact, big cities are never really representative of the whole country.

We travelled to more than 20 different countries, went on a huge journey from France to New Zealand mostly by land and cannot wait to explore the rest of the world. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like our country. In fact we love our country. The first thing we miss about France is… well, the food. (Weird right?)

They say there is nothing like home. And our home is pretty damn amazing !

This spring, we did a Tour de France on bike in 80 days (oh yeah, just like Jules Verne !). We explored some of the most beautiful regions of our home country, some we know and love, some we were never been to (but heard a lot from).

Our itinerary

Itinéraire tour de France à véo

There are so many places to visit, so many regions to explore and cycle paths in France, it was difficult to make a choice. We spent hours on the Euro Velo and France Velo Tourisme websites, trying to plan the best itinerary for us.

Map of the bike itineraries in France. Source :

Map of the bike itineraries in France. Source :

We had two conditions for this trip : first we absolutely wanted to visit Brittany and Alsace, and second we have to be near Valence, in Ardèche, in May for a family birthday celebration. With that in mind, we decided to mix bike and train rides, in order to visit as many different regions as possible, instead of following the same euroroute for 3 months.

Alsace Region

We started in Strasbourg, followed the Alsace Wine route & EuroVelo Rhine route (EuroVelo 15) visiting Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, Kuehn wine cellar & the Ecomuseum of Alsace along the way.


We started by visiting the Château du Clos de Vougeot, the cities of Beaune and Mâcon as we cycled along the Burgundy Wine Route.

Rhone Region

We went on an incredible visit of the Musée des Confluences, cycled uphill insanely fast with our electric bikes to Malleval Village & Pilat National Park and discovered the Castle of Tournon-sur-Rhône, as we cycled along the Via Rhona.


We went through lavender fields in the Enclave of the Popes, Orange city, Chateau-Neuf-du-Pape and spent 3 amazing days in Avignon.

Biking for 3 months with all this tech gear and a blog to manage, are you insane ?

Yes, a little. We knew that we liked cycling but we had never really been on a trip like this before. That was an awesome and exhausting experiment though ! The only experience we had was on Olkhon Island on the Lake Baikal, when we went for a crazy day trip cycling to the other side of the island enjoying the breathtaking nature of Olkhon.

We could have done our road trip around France in a van, that would have allowed us to see all the regions we will not be able to visit this year (we’re leaving Europe in Autumn). But the idea of cycling for us is also a way to make a difference and care for our environment.

The more we grow, read and explore, the more we want to get involved. Using bikes instead of a motorised vehicle is a way to show our planet we love it and to take our time doing so !

Slow and deep travel

On the road to Gorges du Verdon in Provence

On the road to Gorges du Verdon in Provence

Slow travelling is the great thing about cycling. We did it for the challenge but we also did it to explore our country deeper. By using cycle paths we will allow ourselves to take our time, travel slowly, which is one of our mottos. We also wanted to help EuroVelo gain some visibility, as those amazing guys are currently creating the European Cycle Route Network. A project we love and support.


Are you panning your own bike trip around France ? Let us know in the comments.


Hello ! We don't blog on Life Explorateurs anymore. Follow our World Tour vlog series on our new website :
The Vlog Expedition
Vlog Expedition - NexGen Vlog Series

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  • We did some of your route in 1988 and have always wanted to do more. currently we visit France in bits, but day cycling several days in each place. The Euro-velo routes are coming along nicely – so exciting to see bike travel developing. I hope you can pick up your trip again as it seems you’ve been interrupted.

    • Wow it must have been so different back then ! Now the Eurovelo routes are spreading and getting even better. Soon bike travel will be the new trend ! (Or is it already?) We are indeed taking some time off to recover from illness but soon we’ll be back on our house on wheels to explore our home country !

  • Hi
    Congratulation for this new travel.I have don’t all understand but i’m whith you.
    France is realy an exotic destination for many people in the world.Is it the same for you?
    Whouahoo!Good,you are the ambassadors of our country!!
    The white bike in the front of sea,is it a “like” for our president? 🙂
    The wink to Jules is nice,adventure is on the road (and under the sea).
    And your bikes?What’s?News please…
    Good travel,we follow you and good luck for translate my comment …